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ElBanna Group was founded in 1974 and initially specialized in poultry investment and continued to grow rapidly since its inception. Today, its companies have become in more than seven different economic sectors and every company in its field is competing for the top positions in the market share. ELBanna Group is one of the largest family investment groups in Egypt and includes a group of companies in various sectors including poultry, industry, citrus exports, generation and production of electricity, pharmaceuticals, Paper and cardboard manufacturing, recycling, And agricultural reclamation. The group companies employ 7,000 workers on a regular basis and over two and a half million working days on a seasonal basis. ElBanna Group investment since the first day of its establishment has been characterized by a clear direction towards production and reconstruction in all the basic sectors that benefit the citizen and the national economy. The investment opportunities in these areas have not been exploited for many years. Low yield, but the group was always governed by the principle of investment in the benefit of people and the nation. ElBanna Group, through its companies, has provided best experiences in entrepreneurship in the fields of agricultural reclamation, Green Egypt, Linh, Orania and others by the companies seriously reclamation of thousands of acres in the different regions of the Republic And thus increased its clear approach in building real economic entities that produce, employ, export and achieve food security for the Egyptian citizen



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