Who are we?

Egypt poultry company for packaging and preparing pasteurized egg (Egglite)
Egyptian company with European technology

  • One of El Banna Group of companies which is a Business market
    pioneering in many industries and manufactures in Egypt and Middle
    East region.
  • Egglite works at production of pasteurized egg cooled or frozen.
  • Egglite has” ISO 22000” for food safety and “ISO 9001” for whole quality

The company goals.

  1. Producing a high quality product free from microorganism and achieving
    customers’ requests.
  2. Improving the healthy level by providing safe food and free from
  3. Improving the surrounded environment by providing jobs opportunities.
  4. Increasing investments in pasteurized egg field.

Pasteurized egg

It is the product comes from pasteurizing fresh egg and it is used in a large
scale in food products as a main component in many foods like sweets, cakes, ice
cream and Mayonnaise.

Why we use pasteurized egg

A safe product, free from pathogenic bacteria free from bad odors and easy
to use.

We provide many shapes of packages and variety volumes from

  • Whole pasteurized egg (chilled & frozen )
  • Pasteurized egg yellow (chilled & frozen )
  • Pasteurized egg white (chilled & frozen )

Special products

  • Whole egg with salt, or sugar
  • Egg yolks with salt
  • Egg white with sugar

Head office: Tenth of Ramadan P.O 1515
Factory: industrial area of belbees , Tenth of Ramadan road piece No111- fourth region
Sales: 01094233733