The company was established in 2004 with the aim of establishing and operating farms for the breeding and production of poultry broiler ,egg production, establishment and operation of slaughterhouse, processing, packing, packaging, storage and freezing of poultry and finally establishment and operation of Pasteurization.

Egypt for poultry Investment in addition to Farm Fruits Company are considered to be the biggest producers of table eggs in Egypt and Middle East.

Company’s Branches and Farms:

  • Broiler farms in “Belbees” to produce broiler chickens in a Production capacity of 3 million birds that produces almost 6 million kilograms.
  • Chicken slaughterhouse:
    The company owns massacres of its own slaughter machines and processing part of the production to be offered as frozen or half cooked. Chickens are received alive, then it’s slaughtered, cleaned, chopped, packed, froze and finally sold to local market under the name of “Chicky”

Production capacity: 70,000 birds/day.