Farm fruits for Agricultural investment “El Banna poultry previously” was established in 1974 and it is specialized in producing table eggs, broiler chickens, Reclaiming Agricultural Land, and producing and exporting citrus fruit. Farm Frruits Company in addition to “Egypt for Poultry Investment” are considered number one in Egypt and Middle East for producing table Eggs.


The company’s Branches:

We have three Farms located in (El sharqeyia- El BeHairah- And El Giza) that produces 3 million birds annually. After the breeding stage, the chickens are transferred into the production farms which produce 950 million eggs per year.
In 2018 the company moved to export its products of packed and packaged table eggs to increase the quality of our farms' production of table eggs and the freeness of our farms from bird influenza and diseases, in addition to our commitment to all immunization and preventive programs we were able to obtain approvals from the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Authority for Veterinary Services. We are in the process of opening new markets for exporting eggs in the following countries: Saudi Arabia - Bahrain - UAE - Amman - Jordan - Europe.