It is one of El Banna Group’s companies; it is specialized on breeding of chicken to produce chicks and producing different strains of chickens that are distributed later on to its farms and other farms among Egypt. Indeed, it has many hatching labs.

  • The Company started in 1998, to specialize in poultry investment for establishment of farms and hatching labs for the purpose of chicks Broiler and hens breeding.
  • El Banna Group is the only agent of Babkok Chain Companies in Egypt. However, due to the aggravation of predation in the wards of eggs production “especially those that depends on day light”,

Our Company have introduces a new solution which is cutting the chicks’ peeks by using infrared light to minimize the death percentages and maximize the performance, improve the production and enhance the feed conversion.

Productive Branches of the company:

  1. Broiler mothers farms, specialized in breeding broilers in the capacity of 175,000 birds
  2. Layer poultry farms specialized in breeding layers, with capacity of 150,000 birds
  3. Hatching Broiler labs, with production capacity of (20 million chicks) yearly.
  4. The eggs gets collected from the layer farms, and transferred to produce chicks.
  5. Hatching layers labs has capacity of (20 million chicks) yearly.